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Time To Move....now what?

Blog by Frank Ingham | September 22nd, 2013

The Home Deal is Done...out by October 17...not much time to sort through 22 years of "Stuff"....the range of emotions has been interesting...the kids are still not sure...Mom has finally moved on... but boy is the dog ever confused!!! Today the family assembled and we did the Big Purge....From dusting off boxes that I never knew we had only to find special books that we read to the little ones at night to report cards and amazing artwork - the kids first Rock Concert tickets....Sports Trophies, Super Man, Pac Man, Lego, Pogs and more...So many memories from so long ago - yes it is quite sad but also so fun to look back and remember the good times....What do you do with cards from your wedding day and of course The Dress??? My daughter still fits in some of my "cool" old T's from days gone by so it is fun to see them get worn again.....Unfortunately we can not keep it all so the kids made their choices - Mom will hang on to Special Things and the reuse it Centre will be pleased when we drive up with a full load....the Move is far from over so it is on to planning what to do with the furniture, clothes and the rest of the mouldy oldie items that one seems to collect over time???? From 3 stories and 3,400 sq ft to 1650 and 2 bedrooms with a small storage locker...let the Down Sizing....Begin....to be continued