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Blog by Frank Ingham | January 5th, 2018

When viewing properties it is important to remain objective. My job is to help you understand the importance of looking beyond surface aesthetics. I will assess each opportunity and how closely the home meets your criteria, taking into account the following:

  • The ability for you to live comfortably, according to your pre-determined criteria
  • The home's exterior features from the foundation to the walls, the roof, drainage, windows, doors, fencing and landscaping
  • The quality of the home's interior finishes and fixtures such as walls, floors, outlets and switches, lighting, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and appliances.
  • The home's heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • Noise levels from neighbouring properties, the street, cars and public transport, and where applicable, highways, railways and airports
  • Opportunities to improve the home if it does not immediately meet your criteria

I can help you take an objective look, beyond the window dressing, at the homes we choose to view and provide you with the tools and resources that will result in a successful property purchase. To learn more, read these other related posts or contact me anytime.

Stage 1: Financing
Stage 2: Criteria
Stage 3: Home Search
Stage 4: Viewing Homes
Stage 5: Making An Offer
Stage 6: The Closing Details